Curagita international

Leading German imaging services

Founder-owned market leading services, wholesaler company in German in- and out-patient radiology with 80 employees and 35 Mio. € revenues

  • Services: Practice management, consulting, personnel, marketing, equipment, IT
  • GPO: Leading radiological wholesaler, introduced contrast agent generics in Germany 
  • Digital: Radiology portal, AI daughter company, teleradiology, remote scan (tele-tech)

Since 25 years manager of the largest German, cooperative network of 400 private radiologists in 100 imaging centers, 70 departments across Germany.

Continous, self- and PE-financed serial entrepreneurship e.g.

  • 2004-2008 Introduction of self-developed, -produced contrast media generics to EU
  • 2010-2022 Leading buy & build with own 30 high med imaging centers in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden (70 radiologist, 400 employees), 50 Mio. € revenues, co-financed by Siemens
  • Since 2022 Start-up of digital solutions and AI

History and highlights of 25 years Curagita

  • 1999 Foundation of Curagita AG and start of radiology center network
  • 2002 U-financed teleradiology project, mammo-screening model project
  • 2004 Development, registration and production of contrast media generics with an Ukrainian partner; first European-wide marketing licence for MRI (Magnevist), market entry 2007
  • 2006 Sale of RIS/PACS-daughter company to GE; first German future scenario „radiology 2020“ at Röntgen congress; service company of the year in German state Baden-Württemberg
  • 2008 International expansion of Insight Agents in EU, CH, Mexico etc. Sale of company to Agfa
  • 2010 Foundation of Deutsche Radiologienetz AG (DeRaG) with 150 radiologists
  • 2011 Publication of a self-developed reimbursement scheme for radiology; first German self-insured group maintenance contract for 250 MRI/CT
  • 2012 Acquisition of RadioLogic GmbH, a leading consultant to in-patient-radiology
  • 2013 Take over of Hanserad imaging group in Hamburg and Munich out of insolvency
  • 2015 Publication of the first German handbook for radiology practice management
  • 2017 Equity participation of Siemens Project Venture (30%) in Curagita
  • 2021 Sale of DeRaG, buy-back of Siemens participation in Curagita 01. of April 2022
  • 2022 Platform for clinical, technical, administrative AI, digital solutions, recruiting App
  • 2023 Future scenario on “radiology 2030”

What we are looking for

  • Smart growth capital with regional or functional synergies
  • Capital and/or management partners for buy & build of imaging companies in target regions such as (South) Eastern Europe or the Arabian world 
  • Sales and cooperation or JV partners for
    • our international, low cost, clinical, technical as well as adminstrative platform for on-premise and cloud based artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in radiology
    • vendor-neutral remote scanning service for MRI (and CT) aided by our own software for interim, shift, speciality or training in- or excl. teleradiology/AI from or to Germany
    • the recruiting and training of radiology talent (rads, techs) who want to work in Germany aided by our app-solution and a concept that covers the entire process
    • building up of a cooperative (shared services) services network for out-patient centers
    • building up of an international contrast media business based on EU approved MAs

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Johannes Schmidt-Tophoff

Founder and Managing Director Curagita

Andreas Weissenberg

VP International, Business Development