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Short Profile: Curagita, D-Heidelberg

Founded in 1999, Curagita Holding GmbH ( has developed to a market leading radiology services and group pruchasing company in Germany with 80 employees and revenues of 34 Mio. €. 70% of the shares are owned by the founder and employees and 30% by Siemens Project Ventures GmbH. Working closely with private radiologists („cura et agita“), Curagita provides all kind of services to imaging centers including the management of Germany’s leading network of 360 independant private radiologists in 100 centers and 70 outsourced hospital departments (; 15% market share). Curagita’s services include the trading or group purchasing of contrast media, consumables, equipment (MRI, CT) and IT as well as consulting relating to inpatient radiology.

Curagita‘s main activity is the management of its 51%‐owned imaging company Deutsche Radiologienetz AG (DeRaG; under an all‐inclusive, long term and exclusive contract. Under the brand name „Conradia“, DeRaG operates 30 outpatient imaging centers across Germany (i.e. Hamburg, München, Berlin) with 400 employees (including 70 doctors) and 50 MRI/CT caring for more than 500.000 patients per year and generating revenues of 45 Mio. €. 49% of DeRaG’s equity is owned by 141 private as well as DeRaG‐employed radiologists, 51% by Curagita. DeRaG started 2014 by taking over two large centers in Hamburg and Munich, that have been restructured and enlarged by newly acquired centers and by the medical prevention business ( since then. In conformity with the German law for private medicine (MVZ § 95 SGB V), all outpatient centers are owned by our regulatory vehicle, a wholly‐owned small hospital with 10 gynaecology beds (klinik‐

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